ERMS Homework

In addition to what your student uses to keep track of her/his assignments, you can also find them listed on the following sites.

Special Note: students are responsible for keeping track of their own work. Use the following links as a back up only as teachers can only update as time allows.  Please encourage your child to be the first stop in keeping track of their own homework. Thank you!

6th Grade

House 6-1all hw listed

House 6-2, all hw listed

House 6-3all hw listed

7th Grade

House 7-1all hw listed | Mr. Konrardy

House 7-2, all hw listed

House 7-3, all hw listed

8th Grade

House 8-1: all hw listed  | Ms. Kress, social studies |  Ms. Yager, science

House 8-2, all hw listed | Ms. Schmidt, language arts | Mr. Tharp, science

House 8-3, all hw listed | Mr. Burns, digital literacy | Mrs. Carty, social studies | Ms. Rolle, lang. arts