Homework Lists by Grades
(In case you forgot to write it down in school)

Note: do not depend on these lists to be current. It is done as a courtesy to students if they did not take a snap shot of their hw throughout the day or write them down in their preferred method of agendas.

House 6-1 Waveside

House 6-2 Waveside

House 6-3 Waveside

House 7-1 Instagram

House 7-2 Instagram

House 7-3 Edmoto (a guide for parents on how to access the 7-3 assignments)

House 8-1: Burke Class Instagram | Hoeger Class Instagram | Kress Class Canvas | Kress Class InstagramYager Class Instagram

House 8-2 Instagram

House 8-3 Waveside | Rolle Class Instagram

Wittman (Art) Class Youtube Channel

Leitzen (Geomotry) Class Youtube Channel


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