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Articles from September 2017

Follow Your Student!

Follow your Student’s Classes on Instagram!

  • Ever wonder what your child does in school all day?
  • When you ask your child what they did in school today, do you, “Nothing.”?
  • Now you can catch your child learning all throughout the day!
  • Some accounts are updated weekly, daily, even hourly!

6th Grade

House 6-1

House 6-2

House 6-3

7th Grade

House 7-1,Mr. Burns, digital literacy|

House 7-2

House 7-3

8th Grade

House 8-1  | Ms. Kress, social studies |  Ms. Yager, science | Mr. Burke, math

House 8-2 Ms. Leibfried, social studies | Ms. Schmidt, language arts | Mr. Tharp, science

House 8-3  | Mrs. Carty, social studies | Ms. Rolle, lang. arts



























Follow Your Student!