Welcome to our New Look!

New Web Site!

We have switched over to a new web site provider so our look has changed.  We have tried to keep some of the useful links for our families on our new site.  If you find that we have forgotten something, please send us an email! We can’t promise it will be added to our new site, but we can definitely take a look!  Also, please note that many of your favorite links can be found on our district web site or by clicking the FOR PARENTS TAB above.

facebook2Where have all the updates and photos gone? WE’RE ON FACEBOOK NOW! We have DAILY happenings on our ERMS page. You don’t need a  Facebook account to view the page. Just click on the icon or here and it will take you directly to the page. If you have a Facebook account, be sure to “LIKE” our page! That way, you will get instant updates in your newsfeed!

instagramDid you know that some of your child’s teachers have class/house Instagram pages for you to follow the daily activities your child participates in? Updated daily! You simply won’t believe EVERYTHING that happens at ERMS on a daily basis! Make sure you FOLLOW so it shows up in your Instagram Newsfeeds! Warning: Be prepared to be completely amazed by all of the learning that happens at ERMS!