2017-2018 Staff 



Principal Mr. Jeff Johll 552-5003
Assistant Principal Ms. Brenda Duvel 552-5006
Assistant Principal / Activities Director Mr. Mark Lawler 552-5004


Principal’s Secretary / Business Manager Mrs. Terri Kluesner 552-5000
Assistant Principal’s Secretary / Attendance Mrs. Karen Weber 552-5012
Assistant Principal’s Secretary / Activities Mrs. Erin Mohr 552-5010
Counselor’s Secretary / Records/Guidance Mrs. Polly Fleming 552-5013

Student and Teacher Services

Counselor – 8th grade Ms. Lisa Campbell 552-5009
Counselor – 6th grade Mrs. Amy Glennon 552-5007
Counselor – 7th grade Mrs. Kerry Elliott  552-5008
Life Coach Ms. Tammi Saunders
Nurse Mrs. Vickie Tracey 552-5016
Health Paraprofessional Ms. Terri Lynch 552-5114
English Language Learners (ELL) Mrs. Kara Dodds 552-5124
Instructional Coach – 6th grade
GT Facilitator- 6th, 7th, 8th
Mrs. Christy Watson 552-5063
Instructional Coach – 7th grade Mrs. Lynn Rigdon 552-5065
Instructional Coach – 8th grade Mr. Randy Farnum 552-5033
Interpreter TBD 552-5000
Media Center Librarian Mrs. Rae Ann Ehlers 552-5020
Student Needs Facilitator / Athletics Mr. Jesse Freiburger  552-5038
Technology Coach Ms. Danette Nilles-Putchio 552-5018

House 6-1

Language Arts Mrs. Karen Breitbach  552-5055
Language Arts Mrs. Jennifer Smith  552-5054
Math Mrs. Krista Ligeralde  552-5053
Resource Mrs. Megan Hoffman  552-5126
Science Mr. Joseph Carter  552-5056
Social Studies Mrs. Nici Hilby  552-5058

House 6-2

Language Arts Mr. Terry Gross  552-5060
Language Arts Mrs. Lisa Lenstra-Norman  552-5041
Language Arts Mrs. Julie Seymour  552-5117
Math Mrs. Amy Unmacht  552-5059
Resource Ms. Ali Gansen  552-5084
Science Mr. Joseph Dolan  552-5062
Social Studies Mrs. Elizabeth Reeves  552-5061

House 6-3

Language Arts Mr. Matthew Cooksley  552-5048
Language Arts Ms. Kirstin George  552-5052
Math/Social Studies Ms. Julie Roos  552-5047
Resource Ms. Molly Davis   552-5052
Science/Social Studies Mrs. Tracy Burds  552-5050
Social Studies Mr. John Smith  552-5049

House 7-1

Language Arts Mr. Tony Konrardy  552-5066
Language Arts Mrs. Anne Williams  552-5067
Math Ms. Stacey Sigwarth  552-5065
Resource Mr. Kyle Wolter  552-5066
Science Ms. Melissa Husemann  552-5068
Social Studies Mrs. Tina Knockel  552-5064

House 7-2

Language Arts Mrs. Leah Specht  552-5043
Language Arts Mrs. Stacy Stackis  552-5046
Math Mrs. Beverly Florence  552-5053
Resource Mrs. Nancy Hohmann  552-5042
Science Ms. Julie Bahl  552-5045
Social Studies Mr. David Ripperger  552-5044

House 7-3

Language Arts Mrs. Lorilee Hamel  552-5071
Language Arts Mrs. Jodi Heimke  552-5070
Math Ms. Taylor Tierney  552-5069
Resource Ms. Sara Aldeman  552-5103
Science Mrs. Betsy Burke  552-5057
Social Studies Mrs. Maureen Bortscheller  552-5049

House 8-1

Digital Literacy Mrs. Alica Ries  552-5028
Language Arts Ms. Peggy Hoeger  552-5086
Math Mr. Chris Burke  552-5085
Resource Mrs. Cindy Paintner  552-5089
Science Ms. Stephanie Yager  552-5088
Social Studies Ms. Jenny Kress  552-5087

House 8-2

Digital Literacy Mrs. Jennifer Gravel  552-5022
Language Arts Mrs. Tracee Wellik  552-5080
Math Mrs. Amy Palm  552-5079
Resource Ms. Justine Kilgore  552-5083
Science Mr. David Tharp  552-5082
Social Studies Mr. Lucas Link  552-5081

House 8-3

Digital Literacy Mr. Chris Burns  552-5030
Language Arts Ms. Christine Rolle  552-5076
Math Mr. Ben Meier  552-5075
Math Mrs. Amber Leitzen  552-5000
Resource Mr. Logan Kunzie  552-5091
Science Mrs. Jamie Easley  552-5078
Social Studies Mrs. Joanne Carty  552-5077


Art Ms. Kristina Castaneda  552-5096
Art/Health Mr. Gary Wittman  552-5095
Band Mr. Daniel Norman  552-5098
Health Mr. Ryan Spires  552-5093
Orchestra Mrs. Tracey Rush  552-4980
Wellness Mrs. Robyn Lucas  552-5125
Wellness Ms. Tina Felderman  552-5036
Wellness Mr. Kent Paca  552-5121
Wellness Mr. Scott Wischmeyer  552-5128
Vocal Music Mrs. Marlene Schollmeyer  552-5097
Vocal Music Ms. Laura Chase  552-5099

Resource Teachers

Gifted / Talented Mrs. Christy Watson  552-5057
Special Programs Coach Mrs. Amanda Schuster-Davis  552-5015
Special Programs Mrs. Pam Schwendinger  552-5105
Special Programs Ms. Heather Corkery  552-5029
Special Programs Mr. Kevin Nolen  552-5029
Special Programs Mrs. Lindsey Mohr  552-5106
Special Programs Mrs. Molly Powers
Special Programs Ms. Mandi White
Special Programs – School within a School Ms. Diona Montana  552-5094
Special Programs – School within a School Mr. James McCrary  552-5094


Head Custodian Mr. Joseph Hohmann  552-5108
Assistant Head Custodian Mr. Bob O’Connell  552-5027
Assistant Utility Custodian Mr. Jay Cottrell N/A
Custodian Mr. Darrell Bergfeld N/A
Custodian Mr. Jim Gassman N/A
Custodian Mr. Scott Lutgen N/A
Custodian N/A
Custodian N/A
Custodian N/A


Mrs. Jackie Ansel
Ms. Lindsey Beaves
Mrs. Amanda Holm
Mrs. Toni Baur
Ms. Becky Courtney
Mrs. Molly Cullen
Mrs. Stephanie Dallal
Mrs. Julie Fetzer
Ms. Janet Fluhr
Ms. Haley Kammerude
Mrs. Laurie Helbing
Mr. Robert Knepper
Mrs. Victoria Laufenberg
Mr. Taylor Lopez
Ms. LaKesha Rea
Mrs. Michele Rellihan
Ms. Cindy Rufenacht
Ms. Cindy Schadler
Mrs. Cynthia Shaw
Ms. Jamese Saunders
Ms. Marcia Smith
 Mrs. Tami Muehring
Mrs. Kim Veach

Food and Nutrition Services

Cook Manager Mrs. Linda Duschen  552-5040
Asst. Cook Manager Mrs. Michelle Odegard
Mrs. Debra Baker
Mrs. Robin Brosius
Ms. Rachel Moss
Mrs. Donna Feller
Mrs. Susie Jenkins
Mrs. Debra Jochum
Ms. Linda Laufenberg
Ms. Julie Capesius
Mrs. Bonnie Rubie
Ms. Cathy Schlueter
Mrs. Julie Stierman
Mrs. Betsy Wild
Mrs. Stacie Hartman